Tuesday, April 24, 2007

tick, tock, tick, tock

In retrospect, it was pretty easy to spot...

This afternoon, the boy suspiciously few burps after his bottle. I think he might have burped a little bit, but the really big satisfying BURRRRP that leave a fresh milk smell in daddy's face eluded him.

Next, we took the cat to the vet. He was uncharacteristically fussy at the vet, considering that there were two woman making a HUGE fuss over him. I figured he was probably just concerned that after the cat was done being tortured maybe it would be his turn.

Then he slept all the way home. When we got home, he stayed asleep in the carseat.

There we have it, all of the components to the most dangerous explosive on the planet... the baby time bomb.

You add:

1 part gas
1 part burp-hiding
1 part sleepiness
mix well over several hours.

So at 4:45, BA BOOM! Huge explosion of screaming, crying, tears. It's instant, that's what is so horrifying about it. He went from a bissful sleep to screaming like he was being tortured. There's nothing to do except get that gas out, that means walking around the house with a screaming baby over one shoulder and a steady stream of gentle pats on the back. It takes about 20 minutes to defuse the baby bomb, a little burp here, a burp there, some more screams, a lot of kisses, more burps, more screams, more kisses... and then you know he's burped out because he's capabable of looking around at the world again, but still.. there's something else wrong....

oh yeah, he hasn't eaten in three hours because he was so gassy he felt full. Now the cries have changed from pain to hunger. Well, that's easily remedied.

Other then that, what a great day! Sorry for the long break between posts, but today was one of our best... long walk in the zoo, kangaroos, all sorts of fun, then we went to the supermarket and he made about 10 ladies fall in love with him, then a LOT of great tummy time with daddy and plenty of kisses.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

in the zone

The boy-o has this little frog thing hanging on his bassinet. If you press it it says "Hi My Name is Leap! Let's Sing the Alphabet Song! A B C D.... "

I hit it for him every time I put him in the bassinet. Once in a blue moon he manages to make it sing. Sometimes he gets sooo pissed off at poor froggy for not singing to him. But he's starting to figure it out, I just heard the ABC's three times in a row in about five minutes. Now he's trying to make it again, and I think he's out of the zone because he's yelling at his froggy friend!

Friday, April 6, 2007


Blogging is like going to the bloody gym, or dieting, or anything like that... the longer I go without posting, the easier it gets to not post. I was just feeling badly about not writing more, and thinking "eh, well, at this point, why bother" which is a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn't it?

It's been only a week, but it seems longer. Biggest news is, we went to our first playgroup. I'm telling you, it was a big-time thrill. Much more exciting then you'd think. Just a half-dozen parents with babies -- they seperate them out, crawlers in one group, non-crawlers at a different time -- sitting around and talking about silly and/or baffling things their babies do.

The big take-home for me? HOLY SHIT my son is BIG. I mean, huge. He seems almost around the same-scale a as a six-month old boy that was there, and he made a couple of five-month olds -- one girl, one boy -- look positively tiny. Of course they can do all sort of tricks he can't yet, like sit up and roll over. But man oh man, he's big. I've been looking at his clothes and going "what? 3-6 months? these people are crazy, this stuff barely fits him!"

I can already hear the "CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP" of size 16 shoes coming down the stairs sometime in our future.