Friday, April 6, 2007


Blogging is like going to the bloody gym, or dieting, or anything like that... the longer I go without posting, the easier it gets to not post. I was just feeling badly about not writing more, and thinking "eh, well, at this point, why bother" which is a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn't it?

It's been only a week, but it seems longer. Biggest news is, we went to our first playgroup. I'm telling you, it was a big-time thrill. Much more exciting then you'd think. Just a half-dozen parents with babies -- they seperate them out, crawlers in one group, non-crawlers at a different time -- sitting around and talking about silly and/or baffling things their babies do.

The big take-home for me? HOLY SHIT my son is BIG. I mean, huge. He seems almost around the same-scale a as a six-month old boy that was there, and he made a couple of five-month olds -- one girl, one boy -- look positively tiny. Of course they can do all sort of tricks he can't yet, like sit up and roll over. But man oh man, he's big. I've been looking at his clothes and going "what? 3-6 months? these people are crazy, this stuff barely fits him!"

I can already hear the "CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP" of size 16 shoes coming down the stairs sometime in our future.

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Mark said...

Good to have you back after a short sabbatical.
Imagine the disappointment on my face, when day after day, all I saw was Cigars and strollers do not mix.
Lazy @#&*!
I laugh at myself at how overly impressed I get with my boy. Look, he's picking his nose! he's a GENIUS!So much fun.
Those repetitive things make me a little nuts, Alex is in a very rigid repetitive play phase, daddy sits right here. Mommy sits right here. My mantra is "repetition is good for memory in a developing brain."
On the other hand, repetition is good for memory in a developing brain.