Monday, May 14, 2007

Hail Mommy!

Sunday was our first Mother's Day. I've always liked Mother's Day because I love my own mom and have always wanted to make her happy...

But I've never experienced anything like yesterday. We didn't do too much, no breakfast in bed, no day of beauty, nothing like that. We got up, had some coffee. We had a few friends sleeping over after our Walpurgis celebration on Saturday, so we got to enjoy that. Saturday night was also a rare treat: the boy-o went to sleep around 9 and we stayed up until 11:30 hanging out with another couple. What a treat that was, to feel like regular adults again.

We went over my parents for brunch, had a lazy morning there, and then we went to a free concert at Seven Arrows Herb Farm. Put Thorsbaby in a front carrier backpack and stood around in the sun watching a jugband, watching our friends' three and a half year old daughter dance. I was overwhelmed by the beauty which having a child has brought into our life. I got to take in the whole scene with his five month old eyes -- the sun, the leaves, the joy of the dancing children, the silly music, the love in his mothers' eyes. You only walk this way once. It's good to have a child.

Friday, May 11, 2007

when it all goes wrong at once

I never thought I'd see so many things go wrong in a short bit of time as last night.

I'd kegged up five gallons of homebrew on Sunday. It was perfect, malty, bitter, deliciously creamy altbier. I even cold conditioned it with some gelatin to clear it a bit more then my average homebrew. We're having about 10 people over on Saturday for Summerfinding and I wanted it carbonated and ready, so I put it under about 30 PSI. On Tuesday night, my wife and I decided we were morally obligated to do a little quality control... you know, just to make sure we aren't serving inferior beer. So, while still under the high pressure, I hooked it up to the tap, pulled a couple of frothy pints, let them settle, and we drank them and man... there's nothing so great as the smug feeling of drinking a beer that's better then anything in the store. Now... I forgot to disconnect the keg from the tap. Well I didn't quite forget, more like I said, eh I'll probably have a pint tomorrow to so I'll just leave it hooked up.

So last night, we decided to have another pint each, and... the keg was empty. Where did it go? I swear, I didn't get thirty and Thorsbaby is not quite big enough to start drinking my beer when I'm not looking. I was looking for a flood somewhere. My first thought was the keg had exploded from the pressure and I thought I'd find five gallons of beer flooding the bottom of the kegerator. It was dead dry, no beer anywhere. Exploring further... the beer line had split just a tiny bit where it went through the small hole in the top of the fridge, and under 30 PSI had sprayed out quietly and slowly enough to... drip down the back of the fridge... run along the floor under the bar... and drip down a gap between the floor and the wall silently into the basement. I'm afraid to look in the basement. The good news is it dripped into part of the basement that no human can get to. We have a hundred-year old house... it's got nooks and crannies. One of which has five gallons of delicious beer in it. So I figure the housewights got thirsty.

Then, ten minutes later, the boy managed to cause three ounce of milk to spill all over his mommy, the couch, and himself. Don't ask me how, he managed to unscrew the bottle cap while his mommy was feeding him.

Then, while going to wet a facecloth to clean him up, I stepped barefoot in a puddle of fresh cat piss.

This morning, the coffee pot broke.

You figure it out, I can't. We're keeping a low profile today.... I can't take any chances!

Friday, May 4, 2007

almost five months

Today is May 4th, that's five months from the boy's original due date. I'm stunned to think back to december 4th. My wife was giant! We were so excited and happy and scared and stunned and oh my gods it was so intense I thought I was gonna die. And then the 'due date' came and went and holy crap, I thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to us. Those due dates are ridiculous anyway, they should be outlawed.

So just a little HOLY SHIT to the world to look at Thorsbaby in all his smiling laughing giggly glory and remember when we couldn't believe he'd ever get out of his mommy... a little HOLY SHIT to look at those sturdy hands, chubby legs, and strong arms and remember when he was two days old and couldn't breastfeed and had lost 13% of his body weight and I knew, deep in my heart, that he was going to slip away if we didn't get him some nourishment... and one more HOLY SHIT to see him balance on his butt for a second before he topples over, to see him raise his body up on tummy time like it's nothing, and a forward looking HOLY SHIT because I know he'll be crawling before I believe it.