Friday, July 13, 2007

back on the horse

there's no explanation for why i haven't blogged in so long... so, back to it.

long walk this morning. we left the house @ 8:30... went to autozone, bought the wrench I needed to finish fixing the taps, then walked up county, right on main, down to the library, got the last book on reserve that came in (short stories by donaldson), then down to CVS. Guillette never called them but she checked and we had a bunch of refils left anyway, so I told her I'd be back in 15 minutes.

out the back of cvs, through the woods to Flo St, down flo st, boy falls asleep... down the little back street we used to walk, right back to peck st, left on peck st, left on bank st down to the back of the cemetary.

through the cemetary, left on n main back to cvs. picked up script. boy still sleeping.

down the st we used to walk, left, right, past willette school down back to mechanic st, left on 4th street, home.

probably close to two or three miles. my back feels good, I think that's good exercise. I took one advil before the walk and I'm icing my back now. boyo is happily playing in the pen refreshed from his long nap.

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