Monday, May 14, 2007

Hail Mommy!

Sunday was our first Mother's Day. I've always liked Mother's Day because I love my own mom and have always wanted to make her happy...

But I've never experienced anything like yesterday. We didn't do too much, no breakfast in bed, no day of beauty, nothing like that. We got up, had some coffee. We had a few friends sleeping over after our Walpurgis celebration on Saturday, so we got to enjoy that. Saturday night was also a rare treat: the boy-o went to sleep around 9 and we stayed up until 11:30 hanging out with another couple. What a treat that was, to feel like regular adults again.

We went over my parents for brunch, had a lazy morning there, and then we went to a free concert at Seven Arrows Herb Farm. Put Thorsbaby in a front carrier backpack and stood around in the sun watching a jugband, watching our friends' three and a half year old daughter dance. I was overwhelmed by the beauty which having a child has brought into our life. I got to take in the whole scene with his five month old eyes -- the sun, the leaves, the joy of the dancing children, the silly music, the love in his mothers' eyes. You only walk this way once. It's good to have a child.

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