Monday, March 19, 2007

he loves his daddy

It's odd, but I know that's true. He loves me, I can feel it, I can smell it, I can see it. When I went to my mother's to pick him up he was half asleep, his eyes fluttered open at the sound of my voice and I said, eh, he's asleep, I'll get him in a few minutes and I walked away and he SHRIEKED. I knew he just wanted to see me! I picked him up and felt the tension ease back out of his body. He's so cute and tiny and this love affair is totally mutual.

I didn't know having a son would be so much work; such hard work... but I also didn't know it would be so awesome. It's really the most blessed thing ever.

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Mark said...

Just wait 'till he can walk, and run, and talk.
The best part of my day, every day, without exception, is when I get home from work and my little guy notices me walking in the door. "DAAADEEEEE!" and runs with open arms, half running, half jumping, and to me just flying into my arms. "hey buddy, daddy missed you" is my reply every day.
I try to savor it so that I can remember when I have to knock the playstation 12 controller out of his hand to get his attention in a few short years.