Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So my son and I have decided that every day the weather permits, we're going for a walk to the park and the zoo. We have a zoo pass and everything. This is day two and we've made it each time. Here's a few observations.

  • The Legend of the Stroller is Very Hard Core. No matter how hard TB tries to stay awake, he falls asleep before we reach the park. Today I told him if he stayed awake he'd get to see Kangaroos. He fell asleep anyhow but I trust he dreamed of Kangaroos, because now he's in his swing telling his elephant-friend the whole story.
  • Park-mommies are terribly unfriendly. Maybe it's because my son is obviously too small for the zoo and I'm being a terrible daddy by bringing him and they know and disapprove. Maybe there's been a series of murders committed by a goateed dude with a baby. Maybe it's because we have the cheapo-stroller attachment for the car seat not the full travel-system. But my winningest grins get nothing.
  • I'm in bad bad shape. I'm actually tired like I just got exercise.
Ok, that's enough for now. After I eat we're off to the Nissan dealer to get a replacement headlight frame for the car. I have to get it new since no junkyard I was able to reach had it, it's apparently specific to 2000 and 2001 sentras. And oddly, one place quoted me $125 for a new aftermarket part, another place $165, and the Nissan dealer wants $110. I even read off the VIN number and he verified it.

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Mark said...

Mommy's dislike and fear SAHD's. They realize that when men figure out how fun raising children is, the jig is up on their "hardest job in the world" scam.
You aren't welcome at playgroups, and are, at best, an interesting sideshow at places like the grocery store and the doctor's office. Plus, and any woman when pressed will admit this....There is nothing sexier to a woman than a man holding a child. They fear their own animal nature as well.:-)